860-01-0537 Smart power supply

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The XSeries power supply module is designed for installation where additional supervised power is required, for either larger installations with multiple wired detectors, or for installations where the modules are installed in areas away from the control panel.


  • 13.6V 1.5 amp 750 mA Aux Power
  • Isolated solid state relay outputs for AC fail, low battery and fuse fail
  • Requires a minimum of 30VA 16V AC transformer and a 12V 7AH battery
  • Avoids “ground loop” surges on key-bus when used in conjunction with RS485 bus isolator
  • Power supervision outputs can be monitored by the Smart Zone Expander which will report the power problems to the control panel via the keybus

There are 3 scenarios where an installer should use the XSeries Power Supply Module

  • More than 750mA is required to power all the peripherals installed
  • Voltage drops on long cables causes supply voltage at peripherals to be insufficient
  • Where non-smart power supplies have been used to boost supply to peripherals resulting in no reporting when the PSU fails or is unplugged

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