HYYP Terms and Conditions

HYYP Terms and Conditions for HYYP Home

These terms and conditions can be downloaded to your device by clicking here.  You can also ask us for a copy by emailing us on support@hyyp247.com.

  1. “HYYP” is HYYP Pty Ltd or “us”, “we” or “our”.  “You”, “your” or “end user” is the customer who downloads, accesses or otherwise uses the HYYP mobile application known as “HYYP Home”. 
  2. HYYP Home is an application that enables an end user who has (i) provided us with the information we ask for to set up an account for you, and (ii) accepted these terms and conditions as indicated under 3, to carry out specified activities in relation to a security system that the end user is authorised to have access to, or in relation to the live feed from cameras or the cameras themselves or other connected devices that are installed in premises to which the end user has authorised access from their security service provider. You must keep any password and user information we give you in relation to your account secret and safe.
  3. These are the terms and conditions that apply to HYYP Home, and as soon as you pay for, download, access, or use HYYP Home whether on its own, linked to a security system, or linked to end user premises, they will be binding on you.  You should note that these terms will be binding on you whether or not you are the person who actually uses HYYP Home or gains access to your HYYP Home account at any point in time.   HYYP Home is for personal use and not for commercial use.
  4. HYYP Home may be downloaded to any device on any network but be aware that it may not work well or at all on some devices.  Devices include but are not limited to, handsets, iPads, other tablets, and computers.  HYYP Home will not work without a device.
  5. You must have access to the internet by way of data services in order to download HYYP Home.  The price you pay for HYYP Home is additional to the data services download price charged by your electronic communications network provider (e.g. MTN Pty Ltd, Vodacom Pty Ltd, or Telkom SOC Ltd), also referred to as a “network provider”.  
  6. You will have to pay the price shown on HYYP Home in order to download and use it, and payment must be made in a manner that is authorised by your bank and HYYP Home, for example by credit card payment.  You may need to make more than one payment for the continued use of HYYP Home, and we will notify you of the additional or other price.  If you do not pay the relevant price we will terminate your access to and use of HYYP Home.  When we have received payment of the relevant price we will grant you a non-transferable, revocable, non-exclusive licence to use HYYP Home, subject to these terms and conditions.
  7. You are still subject to all the terms and conditions of your network provider while you are viewing, accessing, downloading or using HYYP Home, and their terms and conditions also apply to your use of data and the speed and availability of the network provider’s network.  
  8. If the network provider’s network or the internet or either of them is not available or if you run out of data services you will not be able to use HYYP Home.  We are not responsible for the availability of the network provider’s network or the internet and we are not responsible for you being able to use or access either.  Any use of the internet and data services also involves risks of hacking or interception by third parties.  In making use of HYYP Home you acknowledge these risks and accept them and you indemnify and hold us harmless against all and any loss, liability, actions, costs, demands and damages of all and every kind (including direct, indirect, special or consequential damages), arising out of or in connection with an inability to use or access a network provider’s network, or failure or delay in the performance of HYYP Home or your security system as a result of hacking or interception or other  unauthorised intrusions into or alterations to the system or the internet. This clause does not affect your legal rights as a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act, 2008.
  9. HYYP Home is not a security service and does not form part of a security service.  If you choose to use HYYP Home for the purpose of remotely activating or disarming or otherwise interacting with a security system provided by your security provider or liaising with your security services provider, you will have to obtain the right to do so from your security service provider.   You may only use this version of HYYP Home within South Africa.
  10. We are not liable for the way in which your security system operates, is installed, is maintained, or billed for by your security service provider. WE DO NOT RESPOND TO OR TAKE ANY ACTION IN RELATION TO ALARMS AND WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR YOUR SECURITY SERVICE PROVIDER’S ACTIVITIES IN RESPONSE TO ALARMS.  
  11. You may only use HYYP Home for lawful purposes and it can only be used for the purpose set out in 9.  It should not be altered in any way nor should you attempt to use it for anything other than the purpose set out in 9.
  12. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, HYYP Home is provided to you "as is", without support or maintenance and we are not liable for any harm or damage you or anyone else who uses your device or relies on you for your use of HYYP Home may incur.  We do not warrant that HYYP Home will meet whatever your requirements are.  There may also be occasions when the application will not be available for example, if we have to perform maintenance or upgrades.
  13. Privacy
    1. Because you are making use of a resource that requires certain information from you to verify that you are who you say you are and that your method of payment meets our criteria, we will need to obtain certain personal information about you.  We will also obtain information about your use of HYYP Home and a record of your interactions with it and with your security system.
    2. We may use this information for purposes of contacting you to ask you about your experience with HYYP Home, to notify you about anything that is important in relation to your use of HYYP Home, to monitor your usage of the HYYP Home, quality control, and training.  We may contact you by email, SMS or other instant message or by calling you unless you ask us not to, in writing, but this will mean you may not receive important messages about changes to terms and conditions, prices, and new features.
    3. We will keep your information safely stored and will not share this with anyone (unless we are legally required to do so) without your permission, but we may need to share this with your security services provider to verify that you are one of their customers and entitled to use HYYP Home with their security system, and unless you tell us otherwise, you give us the right to share your information for this purpose by accepting these terms and conditions.
    4. We will not store your credit card or bank account information unless you ask us to when you make payment, and you may withdraw your consent to this by notifying us by email to support@hyyp247.com.
    5. If you want a copy of any of the information about your use of HYYP Home you may ask us for this in writing at any time by emailing support@hyyp247.com.
  14. We may upgrade and improve HYYP Home from time to time and we may also terminate it or its use by you.  In all cases we will try to advise you of this before the time.  We may also need to amend these terms and conditions and will also try to make you aware of the changes so that you can accept them.  If you do not accept these terms and conditions and any changes to them you will not be able to access HYYP Home.
  15. You acknowledge that we own the intellectual property rights in and to HYYP Home or are licensed to use them and unauthorised use is not permitted. The words or marks "HYYP” and "HYYP Home", however represented, including stylised representation, all associated logos and symbols and combinations of any of them belong to HYYP or HYYP is licensed to use them and you may not use them at all.
  16. These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa, and we and you submit to the jurisdiction of the South African Courts.  If any term or condition set out here has to be deleted because it no longer applies, that will not affect the rest of these terms and conditions. Our failure to exercise any particular rights or provision of these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that right or provision, unless acknowledged and agreed to by us in writing.