HYYP Guides and Facts

The HYYP App does not show Stay Arm options

The HYYP arm will only show the Stay Profiles (groups) that have been created on the IDS Alarm Panel. The PDF guide in the link below show the steps to Add a Stay Profile and update the HYYP App.

HYYP - Creating Stay Profiles

Why am I not getting HYYP App notifications

There are a few mobile device settings that can prevent the HYYP app from receiving Alarm notifications. The PDF guide in the links below step through various setting for Android or iOS mobile devices.

HYYP Android - Enable Notifications

HYYP iOS - Enable Notifications

Why do I get error 'Failed-Reason Unknown' when trying to bypass?

If you getting this error when trying to bypass a zone from the HYYP App, it is most likely that the user code you are using does not have bypass permissions on the X-Series Alarm Panel.

This guide on the link below show the steps to enable bypass permission on the IDS X-Series Alarm.

HYYP - Enabling Bypass Permissions

I keep getting 'Invalid Code' when Arming/Disarming?

When you receive an error message on our HYYP app that say ‘Invalid Code’ this indicates that either the code entered or stored on the HYYP app does NOT match a code on the panel.

The PDF guides in the link below show the steps to remove saved PIN codes in the HYYP app.

HYYP Android - Remove Saved Pin

HYYP iOS - Remove Saved Pin