Generic questions

What operating system does the HYYP Home App run on: Android, IOS and/or Windows?

The HYYP App is available for both Android and iOS based mobile phones

Sorry but we do not have Windows OS.

As a home owner can I buy HYYP Products directlt from HYYP?


We do not sell directly to the home and business owners for self install purposes.  We would recommend that you contact a monitoring company in your area and ask them to install the HYYP Solution (HYYP Hub, IDS X-Series and any further IDS detectors or accessories).

Contact Us should you need more information about who to speak to.

My monitoring company does not offer the HYYP Solution. What do I do?

That is not acceptable!

Please Contact Us and provide us the name of the monitoring company so that we can rectify this problem for you. Should we not be able to convince your monitoring company top provide this solution we can recommend another in you area who can!

Which IDS panels does the HYYP Home App work with?

The HYYP Home App only works with IDS X-Series panels (X8, X16 and X64) and IDS805 Panel with keypad interface board.

Note the following:

The IDS X-Series firmware needs to be on 2.52 or higher