870-640-60 ProxNet Miniature Reader

The ProxNet Mini Readers contain all the RFID interface electronics to be able to read and decode a tag. This data is then sent to the ProxNet Reader interface for access control processing. The unit has 3 LEDs and a sounder.

The unit is weatherproof and can be mounted up to 50 meters from the interface.
The reader dimensions are 89x45x16mm (with spacer 39mm)


                                        640-60 Reader 649-10 Interface
Power requirement 11 - 14VDC 80mA 11 - 14VDC 50mA
IP Rating IP65 IP50
Operational Temperature -20oC to 65oC -20oC to 65oC
Size mm 89 x 45 x 16 (with spacer 39) 126 x 103 x 37 (in housing)
Relay rating N/A 5A - 25VAC 10A - 12VCD