branch training bookings

Basics and Detectors

Training courses that cover an introduction for intrusion security and detection devices.

This branch training is aimed at those that are new to the security/alarm industry and will start at the basic of wiring IDS alarm panels and detectors as well as cover installation guide lines. The course includes the following topics;

  • Basic Electronics
  • General wiring do and don't
  • Wiring normally open and normally closed zones
  • Introduction to commonly used Alarm detectors products, how they, examples of their use and practical installation guide lines.
  • Introduction of alarm control panels & keypads, including common zones types.
  • Overview of communication device, ¬†radio and GSM units
  • The use of aditional power supplies.

IDS in partnership with Optex, have innovatively full integrated our Xwave wireless technology into the well-renowned and trusted Optex Detectors.

This Training course will cover the steps to configure the IDS Optex Wireless Detectors. The training will cover installing your detector correctly, and what situation each detector is designed for.

The IDS Optex Xwave training course focuses on the Optex detectors and the IDS Xwave trasmitters and receivers, and IDS recommend that persons attended this course have a understanding and knowledge of alarm systems and concepts.

The follow Optex Xwave detectors will be covered;