SMS Duo (860-07-558-1)

SMS Duo (860-07-558-1)



One module, two applications

IDS 805 user control

The SMS Duo module enables simple end-user control of IDS 805 panels from any SMS-enabled device. It is custom-designed by IDS for the 805 panel, so it has only the features you really need, enabling simple programming, installation, and use. Installation on the comms bus means less wiring, and more security. 


• Controls the IDS 805 via any cellphone handset 

• Simple SMS commands with confirmation replies 

• Three levels of user authority: (1) Master / (2) User / (3) Reporting

• Arm / Disarm control 

• Query system status / partition status 

• Bypass and un-bypass zones 

• Trigger outputs (2 outputs on the SMS Duo)

• Customize labels (zone, site) 

• Query airtime and manage SMS 

• Multiple free web apps to download 

Standalone mode

The SMS Duo is also a stand alone GSM module that allows for the control of 2 relay outputs via simple SMS messages, these relays can be set up to either toggle or pulse for a configurable time. providing SMS confirmation back from the module that the command has been executed. In addition there are 2 inputs that are available for notification of events once the event has been triggered.  

• 2 Inputs 

• 2 Relay outputs

• Customize labels 

• Query airtime and manage SMS 

• Multiple free web apps to download 

• 12vdc operation


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