Outdoor 5G Wireless video transmission device (895-22-PFM881)

Outdoor 5G Wireless video transmission device (895-22-PFM881)


Outdoor 5G Wireless video transmission device

Support outdoor temperature:-30℃~70℃, industrial design; Wireless coverage recommended range≤3km; Radio-frequency mouth anti-thunder reaches 15KV ESD; Support auto ranging function, real time display straight line distance between clientand base station; Support device auto reboot function; 5G mode support 5745~5825MHz(extended range: 4920~6100MHz); Support flow control, effectively control base station/client input/output flow control; Support VLAN partition, realize virtual local network function, control broadcast storm, Support 802.1x authentication method, effectively guarantee client access control,provide access safety. Support client priority setting, better dispatch each client when the mode ispoint-to-multipoint, Support multiple channel option (5M/10M/20M/40M), effectively improveanti-interference and penetration capability




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